November 14, 2006

El Beardarino

I haven't done a post for a while - not a whole lot to talk about - but here's a quick recap. Last Friday Ashley and I went to the premier of Pull (Matchstick Productions counterpart to Push, which premiered earlier this year). The movie was shown on the 5th floor outdoor patio of one of the buildings on campus and was free. I felt real bad for all the other oysters that were duped into paying big bucks for the Warren Miller movie that played that same night in Boulder Theater. They had to go watch people fall of the chairlift, meanwhile Ashley and I got to watch people ski sick lines at various locations around the world. Saturday we hiked up to a bat cave above our house in the Flatirons. Access to the cave is usually blocked because they don't want you disturbing the bats while they do whatever it is that bats do. It wasn't spectacular, but still quite unique for the area.

On Sunday, it snowed in the mountains so we went back up to Vail Pass to revisit the good times we had two weeks prior. The snow was not nearly as good, but the coverage was adequate and crashing face first into the two inches of powder that covered the crunchy crust made for excellent beardage insulation.

Last night, Monday, a friend of Ashley's was able to get a few extra tickets to a Colorado Avalanche game. As I recently found out, this is a professional hockey team. They suck. The Edmonton Oilers beat them 2 to 1, but they dominated more than the score shows. There were two fights, but neither of them were very good.

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