November 01, 2006

No More North Dakota!

Truth be told, the field work in North Dakota really wasn't that bad. The worst part about it being that I had to live away from home for 25 days all together. On the up side, I earned a bunch of comp time, so I can take paid time off over Christmas and on powder days. Another perk is the roughly $10,000 I put on my credit card, including 3 round-trip flights - all of which I have been reimbursed for and contributed to my flight miles.

As a welcome home celebration after arriving at the Denver airport an hour late on October 30th, I went straight to the Boulder Theater to watch a Ziggy Marley concert to promote his new album, "Love is my Religion". Fantastic show only a few miles from our house. I love living in Boulder.

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Keith said...

Maybe I should move there.