November 24, 2006

Wild Turkey Wednesday (and Thanksgiving too)

Ashley and I spent Thanksgiving with some of her friends and coworkers. These people strongly believe that the day before Thanksgiving is a holiday in itself, slightly more important than Thanksgiving itself. Being as Thanksgiving always falls on a Thursday, and people eat turkey on Thanksgiving, these guys invented Wild Turkey Wednesday. It just makes sense. The day before Thanksgiving you gather up the crowd that would traditionally eat dinner together, and you take shots of Wild Turkey 101. Don't worry if you take too many shots, because the next day (Thanksgiving) you don't have to be conscious until some time in the mid afternoon - and even then, you don't have to be fully functional to eat Turkey! See, it's all so logical. At about 2:00 am, we managed to squeeze 6 drunk people into a taxi to get home from downtown.

The next day, we deep-fried two turkeys and had a feast equal to any I've ever seen - topped off with 5 pies. The deep fryer thing is pretty nifty. It cooks a medium-sized turkey in 45 minutes, keeps it juicy, and somehow doesn't make very greasy.

And the last logical benefit to Wild Turkey Wednesday - on Thanksgiving you can be thankful that you don't have to drink any more if it.

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