November 04, 2007

6 Days of Civilization

I arrived back in Boulder late Friday night. The drilling project I was on was put on hold due to logistical complexities, so I have until this Friday before I have to return to the far western reaches of Colorado. The chances seem slim that the drilling will be complete prior to Thanksgiving, so I'll insist on another break for "logistical complexities" so Ashley and I can make our planned road trip to Rolla, Missouri to visit Adam, Marci, and their daughter, Sophia over the Thanksgiving holiday.

As the new blog layout suggests, Ashley has become an official poster. She now has free reign to post at will, so look forward to some added spice from a feminine perspective. I tried to convince her to start her own blog, but she insisted that we would just duplicate everything the other said with only occasional exceptions. Guess who won that argument?

1 comment:

Molly said...

What a rad idea. Ashley is a genius! I think it makes perfect sense to share. Not that you asked, but I recommend you change the color scheme...