February 06, 2008


Last night I actively participated in my first ever caucus. I turned out to be a great learning experience and helped me to understand more about how our democracy works.

The caucus for my precinct (and a few others) was held at the local elementary school, a stone's throw away from our house. I showed up about 20 minutes early, only to stand in line, outside, with temperatures in the low teens. After passing through the doors and registering, I entered a packed gymnasium/auditorium. Democrats were standing shoulder to shoulder from wall to wall, and some people were forced to stand outside the room. Old timers were saying that typical attendance for this event in the past was on the order of 100 people. There were over 1000 last night. It appears people are finally fed up with the bull*@&! that's been going on for the last 7 years, enough so that they're willing to get involved in attempt to change things.

Barack Obama won our precinct with 104 votes, with Hillary getting 33. This meant that of the 6 delegates our precinct appointed, 5 were for Barack and 1 was for Hillary. With the way things are going, this 4-vote discrepancy might just make the difference.

Of course, it probably doesn't matter who the democrats elect because it may end up like it did 7 years ago (i.e. Gore won, the votes were recounted, Gore still won, and the republicans somehow still were able to put W in the White House). I love democracy.

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