February 03, 2008

Joji the Hut

It appears I missed my weekly post last weekend. To summarize, it was a typical Boulder weekend including skiing at Eldora, ice climbing in Boulder Canyon, trail running, and road biking.

Mel climbing in Boulder Canyon

This weekend, I was unable to convince Ashley or either of my other two roommates to spend the night at the Arestua Hut, about 4 miles from the Eldora ski hill. Left with no other choice, I skied into the hut solo on Saturday evening after a day of resort skiing. There were two other people staying at the hut that night, who happened to be boyfriend/girlfriend when I arrived at the hut on Saturday and finances by the time I left on Sunday. The scenery surrounding the hut was as spectacular as I remembered from past trips.

Ashley and Melanie went skiing again on Sunday, so I skied out to meet them and catch a ride home by noon.

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