February 27, 2008

Impulse buys

I am not much of an impulse buyer and tend to ignore my steepandcheap.com desktop alerts, but every now and then something comes up that is too good to miss. I have wanted fatter skis for awhile now and had my eye on the K2 Dawn Patrol. Well, earlier this week they came up on SAC for the lowest price I have ever seen. And today my new skis arrived on my doorstep.

They make my old skis look like toothpicks. I just hope I can handle the new longer, fatter boards.

Of course, Josh convinced me to blog about this. I did not find it necessarily worthy of a post, but I guess I was mistaken.

I am excited to try out my new skis when we head to Taos in a week. We will get to check out this skier only resort before it opens to snowboarders for the first time in late March. Otherwise, my life has been pretty boring these days. Just a lot of studying and getting a head start on summer triathlon training (the goal is a half-ironman this year).

1 comment:

Molly said...

Whooooooaa! Rad skis Ashley! You're right, they totally shrimpify your old skis. Hey, Ariel is heading back to the US unexpectedly early, maybe she will get back to Taos when you guys are there.