November 13, 2015

Bathroom Remodel

The bathroom remodel has been initiated!  The cabinets arrived during our last bout of traveling, so I tore into the bathroom as soon as I was around for more than a day.  First on the agenda, remove the old, hideous cabinets and tear out the drywall behind them.

Old Plumbing (Single Sink, Centered on Wall)

Next up was to split the plumbing so we can have two sinks.  This involved cutting out a galvanized 3-way junction in the drain line and replacing it with a 4-way PVC cross, and extending left and right.  The water lines were easy to modify, because, well, PEX is easy.

Water and drain lines re-plumbed for two sinks

Similarly, I split the single wall sconce receptacle in two so we can have two sconces, one centered on each sink.  I also relocated with two wall outlets so they wouldn't be positioned directly over the new sinks.

Drywall replaced

Once the drywall was replaced, I took to mudding, priming, and texturing the wall.  With that messy work done, it was time for the cabinets . . . or was it.

After removing the old cabinets and linoleum flooring, I noticed some very compromised (rotten) subflooring.  Out with the bad, in with the good.  Also, we're planning to tile the new floor, so I began researching how to make that happen.  I read about this stuff called backer board (common in the tiling world but new to me) that you're supposed to install below the tile, so I just put a layer of that down over the whole bathroom prior to starting in on the cabinets.

My anal-retentive nature came in handy when installing the cabinets, making sure to get everything even and level in all three dimensions.

So this is where the bathroom stands right now.  We'll hopefully get the soapstone counter top late next week.  Tiling and toilet replacement will commence in the meantime.

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