March 19, 2007

Back to Having Fun

I'm still feeling a bit sick, but I managed to get out and have some fun this weekend anyway. On Saturday I climbed the First Flatiron with Corey, a friend I recently met through Keith. We planned to climb the standard Direct East Face route, but adjusted strategy at the last minute due to the number of people already climbing and waiting to climb that route. We ended up climbing Fandango, an exceptional 6-pitch, 5.5 climb. This was my first opportunity to use much of the gear I received as Christmas presents, which made it even more fun.

On Sunday Ashley and I went skiing at Arapaho Basin ("A-Basin" to people in the know, and "A-Bay" to the particularly lazy). It ended up being a classic spring day - nice and warm with ice in the morning turning to slush later in the day. We both have a 4-pack of passes to ski at either A-Basin or Keystone, and we've been waiting to use them until they got enough snow to cover the rocks. This never happened, and now the snow is melting. The Colorado snow pack just doesn't compare the that in the Oregon mountains.

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