March 14, 2007

Sick and Making Alcohol

I've been sick for the last week with either the flu or a bad cold, which are both the same in my opinion. I've taken a couple days off work, so I just sit around the house and watch the beer make itself. Right now we have 15 gallons of beer (the 3 larger carboys) and 3 gallons of mead (the cute little carboy) brewing. All of the air locks "bloop" at a different pitch as they release carbon dioxide, creating a melodic, percussion-like sound. I thought Rubsy (the obvious rubber plant in the photo) would like to be in a carbon dioxide rich environment, so we moved her over near fermentation central. Pretty soon we'll have too much beer for the kegerator -- I guess if you're going to have a problem, this is a good one to have.

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