March 05, 2007

Purple Bear and Hunter take 1st Place!

Deep in the backwoods of the Colorado Front Range, at the little known ski resort of Eldora, a purple bear was sighted skinning up the ski hill. The bear was traveling at a much more rapid rate than those in hot pursuit, which included The Skirted Lady, a Leprechaun, and a giant clown, among others. The Skirted Lady was allegedly the last to be dropped by the purple bear as the bear was reportedly, "used to running around in the woods." Witnesses say they saw a purple bear tag a hunter at the highest point of the ski resort who proceeded to race down the double black diamond run by the name of West Ridge. As the hunter was not accustomed to leading races, he overshot the finish line by about 150 feet, which was poorly marked at best. The hunter noticed this only when the black gorilla made a scene loud enough to catch the hunter's attention. Gasping and wheezing, and with burning legs, the hunter hiked back up the hill, around the horseshoe turn, and across the finish line 39 seconds before the second place finisher.

For more on this crazy event, visit and make note of the Tag Team Coed first place finishers. The hunter's alias of "Adam Sevi" was used to match the name on his ski pass.

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Molly said...

Kick ass guys! I want to see pictures of you in your costumes!