March 26, 2007

Weekend Recap

As it rained much of this weekend in Boulder, it snowed in the mountains, and therefor, it turned from climbing season back into ski season. We skied a few inches of new at Eldora on Saturday, and a few more inches of new at Keystone on Sunday. The pass Ashley and I have is good for 4 days at either Keystone or A-Basin. Since we'd never been to Keystone before, we determined we should go there at least once. I hadn't heard very good reports on the resort, but found it to be a typical summit county ski area with a lot of moderate terrain and some good back bowls. Overall synopsis - worth going to if you didn't have to drive I-70 to get there.

After skiing at Eldora on Saturday, it was still raining in Boulder. This constant rain (unusual in these parts) caused the creek by our house to rise. I'd considered boating it before, but there just wasn't enough water. I thought that with the recent swell, there would just barely be enough. You be the judge . . .

Thanks to Keith for the video work and putting it all together. If Guns and Roses grants us the rights to their song, we'll try to enter this in the Boulder film festival.

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